Welcome to Lilliana’s site, I hope you’re seated comfortably.

This is not simply the autobiography of a young woman and her descendants, no this is most definitely a story of whirlwind romance, shocking secrets, dark tragedies, beautiful miracles and how a young girl will risk it all to find the fame and fortune she has always been destined to find.

Yes she will start with almost nothing and yes there should be 9 more women just like her over time, the Moonchild Legacy is not one to be taken lightly as she most certainly did not. Every generation will face trial and tragedy to reach their goals and you will bear witness. You, as the reader, are the only chance each girl has of ever having her story told honestly. If you think you can take on this burden then please, sit back and read. Share their stories with family and friends and help the real world understand that Lilliana Moonchild and her descendants were real people too with real dreams, and not the bobble-headed divas that their tabloids made them out to be.

Thank you for reading,

Lizzie x


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Happy blogaversary! I was a little swamped with life on July 16, so I didn’t get a chance to stop by then, but I see the cake is still fresh and delicious! Such a wonderful accomplishment to read a year, and what great story you have here! Love your Sims! 🙂

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